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Coco & Breezy

December 9, 2009

I introduce to you two of my close friends, Coco & Breezy for those that don’t know already, creating custom studded eyewear, the productive twins have worked their way into fashion magazines, events and blogs internationally . For more info on these unique sisters of fashion check out enjoy.

David Hart & Co.

December 8, 2009

Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme

December 8, 2009

Awsome furniture design by Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme, includes a built-in television, shelves, DVD and workspace.

Late Night Designing and High Thoughts

December 6, 2009

3;52 am Sunday morning. enjoy

Dreemz No Seasons

December 5, 2009

Dreemz No Season is a collection that follows no rules of fashion, we make our own. Including custom tailored and fitted European cut polo’s, cashmere cardigans with silk charmeuse lining and various other product that will be sold exclusively at selected boutiques and retailers. Enjoy

Find the Logo

December 5, 2009

Find the original Dreemz logo in the bowl of froot loops, have fun

Dreemz x Warhol

December 3, 2009

Death to Andy I’ll keep you posted

Russ & Reyn

November 30, 2009

Amazing photography by the phenomenal Russ & Reyn check all there work out at enjoy

Thanks NY

November 26, 2009

New York went nuts! thanks for the support send more pics people!!! Next Tokyo Guerrilla marketing/sticker bombing.

Quick draw!

November 23, 2009

A quick drawing I did in between work to get inspired in some way, ok back to work.