Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme

Awsome furniture design by Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme, includes a built-in television, shelves, DVD and workspace.

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3 Responses to “Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme”

  1. kseverny Says:

    That looks awesome but also very comfortable

  2. sartenada Says:

    What it is? Seats? Table? Secretary? Bed? Bookshelf? Music center? Computer table? Mini bar? All those togerther? I have been staring at it and I do not have any idea. Is it comfortable? Is it ergonomic? After using it causes it any backache? Has it been tested that people enjoy it from hours to hours? Is it intended for home or office use? Is it intended for one person or for a couple? Is it easy to clean? What material it is made of? Is it sure that it is not causing any allergies?

    I am sorry that I cannot understand this furniture. Maybe I am too old to understand it?

    Anyway I like the colors of the upper one. They are refreshing mind.

  3. Erik Forman Says:

    Wow! Never saw a piece like this. EVER! This is not only sexy in appearance, its revolutionary. You can simple turn a million-dollar condo into a $5 million-dollar condo with one or two of those placed in the living room. Great work from this designer.

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